On 6th December 2016, our shareholders approved the proposed change of the holding company name from Unibet Group plc to Kindred Group plc. The purpose of this change is to prevent growing confusion between the consumer brand ‘Unibet’ and the holding company ‘Unibet Group plc’.

How will this affect you?

From today, the email address format for all Kindred staff is changing to firstname.lastname@kindredplc.com. While all existing @unibet.com, @stanjames.com and @igame.com email addresses will continue to work, please take this opportunity to update your address book with the new email address for your Affiliate Manager.

You will be contacted by the team using this new email format from today.

No change to payment details

There is no change to the payment details that you use to claim your monthly commission.

No impact on players

There is no impact on any of our brands or player-facing websites: this change will not affect players in any way.

More information about Kindred Group and the reasons behind this change can be found on our new corporate website: www.kindredplc.com

Kind regards,
The Unibet Affiliates Team