Unibet has now launched “Action Betting”, the new addition to the Sportsbook live betting product building up on the previous successes of the very popular “Next Throw In” betting markets.

What is Action Betting?

Action Betting are live bet types where the outcome of the bet will be known far quicker than traditional live bet types. For example, who will win the next point in tennis, or who will win the next throw in for football. In some cases bets will be placed, settled and paid out in less than sixty seconds.

Why Action Betting?

Action Betting is a true USP for Unibet. We have a market leading product and it is an area where we can take market ownership. Turnover varies per sport but we already see Action Betting accounting for a significant proportion of the live turnover, it is very popular with the VIP segment.

Do the competitors have it?

Unibet are the only bookmaker offering Action Betting on sports such as Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Darts, Rugby, Table Tennis, Badminton and Squash. Some competitors have branded their products in a similar way with Rapidfire Markets, Fast Betting or similar but none have taken ownership of it yet.

Is it on all matches?

We are rolling out across as many high profile matches as possible but it is still only on selected matches. Going into next year the aim is to offer more and more as the product improves. Currently it is on approximately 85% of all tennis matches, 80% of all volleyball matches, 20% of all basketball matches and around 70 football events per week. You can see what matches we have the offers on by looking out for the logo in the event view on desktop and mobile.

What about other Kambi operators?

Unibet are the only operator on the Kambi network to have naming rights to Action Betting. As the other operators have fewer live betting events they will have a substantially weaker Action Betting offering as they will often not offer the match at all.

What bets are included?

Tennis Next Point
Cricket Run on the next ball
Volleyball Next Point Winner
Squash Next Point Winner
Badminton Next Point Winner
Table Tennis Next Point Winner
Football Next Throw In
Baseball Batter to reach 1st Base
Ice Hockey Next Face Off

Face Off in next 2 minutes

Basketball Next Scoring Method
Rugby Union Next Set Piece
Darts 1st Dart Treble 20

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