With the Belgian Red Devils coming together to make sure we qualify for World Cup 2022, we thought it’d be a good time to dust off our Odd 10 acquisition offer. In addition we have a 25% profit boost waiting for all our Belgian customers to enjoy. Let’s get this!

Odd 10 promotion

Our first opponent this Wednesday is Wales and it seems Romelu Lukaku will be playing after all! He is ready to seek revenge against Wales, the team which eliminated the Red Devils from Euro 2016. The general odds on Belgium to win is rather low at 1.32. Therefore we decided to boost it! New customers coming in through these media will see the odds of Belgium winning increase to 10.0x!

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BE-FR: https://b1.trickyrock.com/redirect.aspx?pid=XXXXX&bid=35654

Banners: (.gif banners download here: https://unibet.me/BelgiumWales)

Our html banners will update automatically if you use the following link and replace the “pid=XXXX” with your marketing source ID and the “bid=XXXX” with one of the media IDs below:

<script language=”javascript” src=”https://b1.trickyrock.com/ad.aspx?pid= XXXXX&bid=XXXXX“></script>

BE-NL Media IDs Size BE-FR Media IDs Size
35656 120×600 35676 120×600
35670 160×600 35673 160×600
35655 250×250 35679 250×250
35667 300×250 35675 300×250
35668 300×600 35678 300×600
35666 468×60 35677 468×60
35672 728×90 35674 728×90
35671 970×250 35681 970×250

25% profit boost 

Existing customers will be able to appreciate our 25% profit boost on ALL the coming WC qualification matches (dates below). We would recommend using them in Belgium’s advantage – as you might know, Belgium has not lost a home game in 26 matches!

  • From TODAY 25% profit boost on Belgium vs Wales
  • From 25/03 25% profit boost on Belgium vs Czech
  • From 28/03 25% profit boost on Belgium vs Belarus

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