In Episode 4 of Bet and Breakfast, Team Drogba secured their biggest win so far thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning hat-trick for Portugal against Spain. Up next, we have Episode 5, surrounding the Group C decider, France v Denmark. Can Cisse’s Les Bleus inspire his team?

Bet & Breakfast is a 6-part series where two teams go head-to-head in a (responsible betting) road trip around Europe, all the while guided by superstar coaches, Didier Drogba and Djibril Cisse!

The purpose of the series is to educate and entertain customers whilst encouraging them to make more responsible and insight-driven bets. By watching the series, your customers can find out the psychological processes we go through when making decisions as well as which tips to borrow when researching a bet.

Below you can watch the first part of Episode 5. Make sure you check back on this post tomorrow for the next section of the episode!

Part 2: