The Summer is officially over, at least according to Google, with 22nd September being named the Autumn Equinox – the first day of Autumn. Don’t worry though as is here to cheer up your Bingo players with a fantastic new promotion: The Autumn Challenge!

Starting on Monday 25th September and running until October 15th, The Autumn Challenge is offering €15,000 worth of prizes and is not to be missed!

The Autumn Challenge has four different promotions, split into two separate sections: part one runs from 25th September – 5th October and includes a €2,500 Bingo challenge and a Lucky Spins Challenge with top prize of €1,000.

Part two runs from 6th – 15th October and also includes two promotions: a Bingo points challenge with a €2,000 top prize and a €5,000 Final Minigame Challenge!

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