We are delighted to announce that yesterday, June 25th, a group of Kindred employees attended the EGR Marketing & Innovation awards 2019, and walked away with not 1, not 2, but 3 awards, one of which was the prize for Best Affiliate Marketing Campaign!

Affiliate Marketing Campaign:

The affiliate promotion that we won the award for ran for seven months in total and was all based around the World Cup last year. Many of you will remember our #RaffleForRussia promotion where new players sent to our program equaled a raffle ticket that gave you a chance to win our 4 grand prizes… packages to the World Cup itself! This was followed by our World Cup CPA boost, where we gave you a target of NDPs to beat during the tournament, and if you did, we rewarded you with a CPA boost in August!


Kindred Group also won for:
Best Bingo Marketing Campaign:

The Be The One campaign ran across all brands and markets during the World Cup 2018 and halfway through the summer. It was an industry first gamification tool adding an extra challenge-based promotional side game that ensured more players were rewarded during the World Cup. Players were rewarded with lottery for accomplishing tasks and it showed great results.

Innovation in Poker:

Unibet’s HexaPro feature has changed the game by offering players a new way of playing poker. HexaPro SNG’s are „small tournaments“ where 3 players compete to win a prizepool which is randomly decided by chance before the tournament starts. It is very popular for casual players and the jackpot prizepool is an exciting factor for those players. It is also mobile friendly and less time committing than other types of tournament which undeniably contributes to its success among our players.