A lucky Maria Casino player has landed the MEGA jackpot on the hugely popular Mega Fortune Dreams slot, winning 42,087,941 SEK (€4,531,301) from just a 20 SEK (€2.15) spin.

The player, a male from Sweden in his 40s, has been with Maria Casino since 2011 and joins the growing list of millionaires from this fantastic slot. The winning round came just before 22:00 CET on Tuesday 24th November, 2015 with three bonus symbols falling in the base game, the player entered the feature round with the exciting bonus wheel. The bonus wheel produced two arrows allowing the player to progress to the centre wheel where one final arrow meant the player landed the Mega Jackpot and is now a multi-millionaire. That takes the jackpot winnings by players from the Unibet group on this game alone to well over €12m.

The player had this to say on his win:

First of all, big congratulations on your huge win! First off, the classic question: How does it feel?

Thanks so much! I still have not understood it yet, it is completely unreal. Maybe I will understand it better when the money is actually in my bank account.

What was the first thing you did when you saw that the wheel stopped at the jackpot?

I was playing on my laptop, so I took it with me to my partner and showed her. She was flabbergasted and said nothing for several minutes.

But she did not faint?

Haha no, luckily she did not!

What are your plans with the money?

First, I’ll take care of some necessary things such as paying off loans and stuff, but there will of course be a considerable sum left over, so I will definitely have a holiday in January-February, then we will see what we will do with the rest.