We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated at the upcoming EGR Operator Marketing & Innovation Awards in the category of “Affiliate Marketing Campaign”.

Our nominated campaign took place last Summer, before and during the European Championships, and was called 10×10.

To quickly refresh your memory, we launched a campaign focusing on rewarding our affiliates with a €10 CPA during the biggest gambling event of 2016. We named the promotion 10×10 as 2016 also marked the 10th Anniversary of our affiliate program so we wanted to create a special campaign which highlighted both our creativity as a program but also incentivised and rewarded the affiliates for the hard work they themselves do.

To read a more about 10×10, click here.

Kindred Group have also been nominated in several other categories so we hope to bring back multiple awards!

  • Casino Marketing Campaign
  • Innovation in Bingo
  • Innovation in Poker
  • Innovation of the Year

As you can see, Kindred Group have been nominated in several “innovation” categories which is especially exciting given one of our five company values is “We Seek To Innovate”!

If you are interested in reading a full breakdown of the categories, click here.