Q. When will the change to The Lottery Act happen?
A. The lottery act comes to effect on 01.01.2022

Q. What will happen to the existing links and banners I have on my site?
A. All the Finnish Language links and banners will stop working by 31.12.2021 by 18.00 Finnish time (+2h GMT) in order to be compliant with the new lottery act.

Q. What will I need to do?
A. Please remove all Kindred Brand materials (logos, offers etc) from your Finnish language sites.

Q. What will happen to my Revenue Share from Finnish players?
A. Kindred Affiliates will continue paying revenue share for all your existing Finnish players providing your account is active at the time of legislation change. Kindred Affiliates may also suspend your account if you are not compliant with local regulations.

Q. Will I get CPA for Finnish players?
A. No CPA will be paid for NEW Finnish players after the legislation comes to an effect. CPAs from existing customers will continue to trigger.

Q. Will there be any offers for Finnish players in the future?
A. The Finnish players will be able to get the welcome offer on site, but there will be no targeted offers for Finnish Players available.

Q: If I continue targeting Finnish Players in Finnish language, what might the consequences?
A. You may be the subject of, and responsible for, fines or other consequences out of our control if you continue targeting Finnish players in Finnish language with your marketing after the new legislation has entered into force.

Also note that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions as part of our partnership:

1.4. The Affiliate acknowledges that the Company holds a gambling license in multiple countries and is subject to such countries’ local laws and regulations that relate to promotion of gambling and specifically promoting gambling and soliciting bets. In some countries where the Company holds a license and promotes gambling using the Affiliate, the Affiliate acknowledges that it may be jointly responsible with the Company to the local gambling or advertising authority for any promotion or advertising done on behalf of the Company that is not in compliance with the local laws and regulations.

1.5. The Affiliate further acknowledges that promoting or soliciting bets is subject to legal restrictions in some countries and may even be prohibited. Such restrictions may vary from time to time. The Affiliate shall not enter into this Agreement if it targets any markets where gambling is illegal or where the promotion, marketing or advertising of gambling is illegal. The Affiliate shall be exclusively liable for such actions and shall hold the Company harmless and shall fully indemnify the Company for any liability incurred by the Company If it doesn’t comply with the provision above.