A Swedish player landed a mega payday on Unibet’s video slot Immortal Romance by winning the max pay-out of 3,645,000 coins. The player bet just 15 SEK (€1.60) and won 182,250 SEK (€19,500) which was 12,150 x his stake. The winning round came on Unibet’s popular vampire romance-themed slot Immortal Romance which was released back in December 2011.

The winner was a man in his 50s from Sweden and has been with Unibet since 2012. He had this to say on his win:

How did it feel to win all that money? What was your reaction?
I did not believe it was true when I saw the numbers. When I woke up this morning I had to check the computer because I thought it was a dream.

What will you do with your winnings?
Well I already booked a trip to Thailand with my wife. So the money comes in a good time. I guess I will need to buy her something nice on the trip.

Where were you when you hit the big pot?
I was home by myself at the computer.

Is Immortal Romance your favourite game?
It is now.

What do you like about it?
It’s a fun game and I like when you get the bonus rounds.

Do you play on other products at Unibet?
I do sometimes play on sports and I use to play poker but not so much anymore because I think you don’t offer as much tournaments as you did before.
I only play with Unibet and mostly Casino.

Do you play often at Unibet?
It’s been more now lately and I really enjoy it. And the experience now is even better after this win.