Maria Casino is launching a uniquely branded, online casino with a responsive website design allowing players to enjoy a seamless experience when playing their favourite games on any device—wherever they maybe.

A New Online Casino Experience

In an industry where differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult, Maria Casino‘s new responsive website has both an urban, technology-led feel combined with a cinematic sensory experience often only found in advanced gaming platforms.

New Website Features

Maria Casino believes that by giving players the opportunity to both personalise their settings, whilst gaining access to all their gameplay data will increase both loyalty and engagement.

Firstly, players can create their own ‘Preferences’ and get direct access to the games they enjoy. They can ‘drag and drop’ their collections to customise their ‘My Games’ screen to choose which collections they want to see (and which to disappear) and the order they want them to be displayed.

In order to further customise their experience, they can ‘Like’ any game they have enjoyed and have it automatically added to their ‘Favourites’ making it easier to revisit the game next time they login.

Players can also discover more about their gaming with access to their performance metrics. They are able to compare their ‘winnings vs stakes’ every day by viewing a digital graph to see how much they have won, by device (desktop vs tablet/mobile) and by game type (Live casino vs Bingo for example).

Furthermore, they are able to see how much they have played and for how long offering players more control than ever before. Moreover, they can see which games they won the most on in the last 24hours, week, month and to date.

They can also see their ‘bet vs win’ and their ‘bet to win’ ratio, which unlocks their ability to formulate a gameplay strategy. Will they play the game they’ve been lucky on or move on to another game?

Players are able to immediately view their available bonus offers in their My Bonuses’ section and follow the progress of their active bonuses in relation to the wagering requirements with a graphical display without having to search through excessive terms and conditions that are often hard to find.

They can also refer to their ‘My Bonuses’ screen as a side panel whilst playing a game to see their wagering requirement progress. An excellent time saving feature that helps players utilize their bonuses with ease.

Players also benefit from a simple, single wallet solution, easy payment options and excellent multilingual, 24/7 customer support plus a dedicated VIP Manager for the big players.

More Games

The Maria Casino game selection is second to none combining the best games, exclusive titles, 2 live casinos and a market leading mobile product. The site offers players a choice of over 500 games from 25 providers including Netent, Microgaming , Playtech, IGT and Williams Interactive.

Maria Casino is currently plugged in to 17 different casino platforms allowing them access to the best casino content available. Due to the success of the NetEnt tournament tool, Maria Casino can now offer races, including any game from any supplier, and implemented new win criteria to keep players continually interested and rewarded.

With so many operators offering identical game selections, Maria Casino sets itself apart by offering a portfolio of exclusive games with several older exclusives still proving extremely popular. The addition of Super Flip (and the skin specifically aimed at the Danish market – Danish Flip) increases its exclusive portfolio to over 20 games.

Maria Casino stands apart from the garish and busy marketing one often sees with online casinos because it treats its players like adults; adults who understand the nature of casino and simply want an exciting way to spend their free time with the chance to win money.

It’s because of this mind-set that Maria Casino is able to offer players more transparency about their gaming behaviour than ever before, making Maria Casino one of the first operators to take this position in the current market.