Dear Affiliate,

We have some incredibly exciting news to bring you… Kindred will officially be expanding its presence in the USA to an additional two states, Ohio and Illinois!

This comes as a result with our new 10 year partnership with Penn National Gaming which will give us access to two of the biggest states! Illinois will be our next state in which we launch our Unibet brand, some time in early 2021 and it is especially exciting as it is expected to be the 5th largest sports betting state in the country!

Ohio and Indiana will follow this launch, so it really does feel like Kindred is starting to take over!

Our SVP of Kindred US, Manuel Stan, has this to say:
“Extending our footprint in the US by establishing our brand in two key states like Illinois and Ohio is very exciting for us. We continue our journey in what we believe will become the largest gambling market in the world. Putting Illinois and Ohio on the list together with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Indiana, shows our commitment to establishing Unibet in the US. Illinois is one of the largest US states and it will be the next State that we are targeting to launch”

The full press release can be found HERE

You’ll be hearing from us again later this week as we bring you some exclusive new offers and promotions surrounding the NFL’s new season!