We are excited to announce that the 2nd episode of our global video campaign, ‘Penalty Pressure’, is now available!

Love them or hate them… penalties are a major part of football. Nerves kick in, goalies turn into heroes and history is made.

Scary, football hell, lotteries… many words describe them, but here we delve into the science, psychology and physiology behind what it takes to execute the perfect penalty.

Stay tuned as The F2 Freestylers are joined by Premier League stars Paul Robinson, Louis Saha and Jermaine Jenas to put amateur players through a series of high pressure tests.

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Episode 2:

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Premier League Stars Penalty Challenge:

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Ultimate Penalty Pressure Experiment:

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Expert Analysis On Penalty Shootouts:

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History of Penalty Shootouts:

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The F2 Freestylers’ Penalty Trickshots:

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