Welcome to the Kindred Affiliates shop, where you can cash in your points for prizes!


You will have the chance to accumulate points over the next two  months, and exchange those points for prizes! Ranging from small cash amounts to big trip packages, you get to decide what you win!

We will launch a shop page which details all the prizes on offer for this 2-month promotion, and every week, we will let you know how many points you have got. The bigger the prize, the more points it will take to claim it. Once you have reached enough points for a prize, you can decide to cash those points in, in exchange for that prize, or you can continue building your points total in a big to get one of our big 4 prizes!

It’s a first come, first served basis, so you have to be on-the-ball when you receive your weekly points total, and decide quickly if you want a prize, because once they are gone, they are GONE!

Do you want a weekend trip to Dublin to see the darts? Perhaps a mini-break to Paris to watch PSG? Or an experience at RB Leipzig’s stadium to watch a Bundesliga clash? Or maybe you want an entry package to a Unibet Poker event? These are some of the big prizes you could win, if you get enough points!

So how does it work?

We give you a target number of New Depositing Players (NDPs) to beat based on your performance over the last several months, and every time you reach 10% of your target you get points. The best part – once you beat your target, points count for double!

The reason we do this percentage increase method is to be inclusive of all affiliate partners – no matter how many NDPs you have sent us in the past, we want to reward those who make the biggest effort to increase, so it’s just about beating your target by as high a percentage as possible!

What can you win?

All in all, there are 12 prizes up for grabs which includes our 4 Top-tier packages where you could spend the weekend in Paris, Leipzig or Dublin watching sport, or attend the Unibet Open Poker Tournament! The other prizes are cash vouchers, in varying amounts, with the lowest value prizes obviously costing the least amount of points

How do you claim a prize?

After the first week of the promotion, we will send you your score and a link to our “affiliate shop” where you can see a more detailed breakdown of the prizes on offer, and what they cost, in terms of points. Once you see a prize you like, simply select that option on the form, and submit your affiliate id to us. Assuming you’re not lying about having the correct amount of points, we will then exchange your points for the prize.

Remember once a prize is gone, it is truly gone, so act quickly if you like the look of something and don’t worry, we will let you know if a prize has been taken on the affiliate shop web page.

When does it start?

This promotion runs from 1st October until 30th November.

What do you need to do?

For now, All we would ask is that your read the promotional T&Cs at the bottom of this page, and once you are satisfied, fill in the form below to let us know you are interested in taking part!

All opted-in affiliates will then be contacted on October 1st with their monthly target of New Depositing Players to beat. Every week thereafter, you will receive an email with your current number of promotional NDPs as well as the points they add up to!

Terms & Conditions

• In order to participate, affiliates are required to opt-in via the form above.

• By opting-in to the promotion, affiliates commit to giving Kindred Group brands a demonstrable increase in exposure throughout the entire promotional period (1st October 2019 – 30th November 2019).

• NDPs will be counted as per the definition in the Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions and in addition must deposit and bet (turnover) a minimum of €10 to qualify.

• Incentivised traffic is not accepted as part of this promotion and Kindred Affiliates reserves the right to discredit NDPs which it believes to have been referred via such methods.

• If your average monthly NDP total is less than 5 New Depositing Players, we reserve the right to set your minimum target

• Kindred Group reserves the right to discredit any NDPs which it believes to be fraudulent and/or exclude any affiliate who has generated a NDP for Kindred Group brands for this promotion whilst being aware of or having the suspicion that the account was fraudulent.

• NDPs may be referred across any combination of Kindred Group’s brands and products for the duration of the promotion which runs from 1st October 2019 – 30th November 2019

• By opting-in to this promotion, you consent to Kindred Affiliates giving you the base NDP target to beat, in order to win points, which can lead to Kindred Affiliates Prizes.

• Prize winners will be communicated to all opted-in affiliates during the weekly updates.

• Should there be multiple affiliates who apply for the same prize, the prize will be awarded to the first affiliate to fill in the form.

• Kindred Affiliates reserves the right to alter or remove previously stated prizes at any time

• Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions apply for all countries. Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions Australia apply for Australia only.

• Terms & Conditions may be provided in different languages, however only those written in English are binding.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to exclude affiliates from this promotion.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to determine an affiliate’s target based on their own parameters

• Kindred Group reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.