Boost Your Earnings With Our August CPA Challenge!

How does it work?

We want you to push our Storspiller brand so we are going to be offering a special CPA boost for August, where you can earn an extra €200 for every New Depositing Storpiller Player you send to our program during that time (once you have surpassed your target)!

When does it start?

This promotion runs for the entirety of August

So what do you have to do?

Well for now, all we need is for your to Opt-In, via the form below. This will let us know that you are interested in taking part in our promotion.

You should already have your target from the initial email we sent you!

Happy Promoting
Your Kindred Affiliates Team

Terms & Conditions

• In order to participate, affiliates are required to opt-in via the form above.

• By opting-in to the promotion, affiliates commit to giving Kindred Group brands a demonstrable increase in exposure throughout the entire promotional period (1st August 2020 – 31st August 2020).

• If successful in this promotion, Kindred Affiliates agrees to a special Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) boost of €200 on all New Depositing Players (NDPs) sent to our program for the month of August 2020, to be paid in line with August’s commission, once the Kindred Group-set target has been surpassed

• NDPs will be counted as per the definition in the Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions and in addition must deposit and bet (turnover) a minimum of €10 to qualify.

• Incentivised traffic is not accepted as part of this promotion and Kindred Affiliates reserves the right to discredit NDPs which it believes to have been referred via such methods.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to discredit any NDPs which it believes to be fraudulent and/or exclude any affiliate who has generated a NDP for Kindred Group brands for this promotion whilst being aware of or having the suspicion that the account was fraudulent.

• NDPs may be referred across only our Storspiller brand for the duration of the promotion which runs from 1st August 2020 – 31st August 2020

• By opting-in to this promotion, you consent to Kindred Affiliates giving you the base NDP target to beat, in order to qualify for a CPA Boost during the month of August

• The maximum commission amount paid as a CPA Boost with August 2020 commission is €5000 per affiliate, with the total prize pool being €30,000

• Once the €30,000 prize pool has been given out to the first 150 New Depositing Players, any NDPs sent after this time will not be eligible for the CPA boost

• Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions apply for all countries. Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions Australia apply for Australia only.

• Terms & Conditions may be provided in different languages, however only those written in English are binding.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to exclude affiliates from this promotion.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.