This serves as notice regarding an update to our existing Terms and Conditions with respect to Appendix B – Advertising Requirements and Procedures for Affiliate Compliance in the UK.

The details of this update (in bold) are:

3. Specific Requirements for Content published in the UK

Affiliates must pay special attention to the provisions of the UK Codes that prohibit marketing that is likely to appeal to those aged below 18 and should not use any medium for gambling advertising where the marketing would be directed at those aged below 18. Affiliates must read the CAP Advice Online articles entitled Children & age-restricted ads online and Gambling advertising: protecting children and young people.  A link to these articles are included at section 4 of Appendix B.

Affiliates must be aware of Section 2 of the CAP Code (a link is included at section 4 of Appendix Bthat sets out the basic requirements for any marketing communication to UK consumers.

All Content displayed on Affiliate Sites should be clearly and prominently marked ‘#ad’.

Affiliates are required to display safer gambling related content on their Sites on a regular basis.

4. Useful Links for Affiliates

For more information on UK Gambling Commission advertising and marketing rules and ASA/CAP UK advertising guidelines, Affiliates are referred to the following links:


Industry Group for Responsible Gambling Advertising code:

Children and age-restricted ads online

Section 2 of the CAP Code

These links are provided solely for informative purposes and should not be seen to be exhaustive. For the avoidance of doubt, it is up to the Affiliate to ensure that they are compliant with all advertising guidelines and legislation around the promotion of online gaming in the relevant jurisdiction. Any transgressions will lead to the suspension and possible termination of Affiliate account with the Program.

A breach of any of the obligations contained in this Appendix B is considered a material breach.