Take advantage with Unibet on Black Friday (27th November) to promote the highest prices on a selection of high tier football matches anywhere in the world!

The Facts:

Unibet will be market high on 12 of the biggest matches across Europe.

Unibet will be a huge top price on 5 of the top Premier League teams, both El Clasico teams and the Bundesliga Champions.

Placing a £10 stake on each outcome on the original price will win the customer £200.30 (if all correct), in comparison to £262 with the boosts.

This promotion is unique to Unibet and not available to any of the other Kambi operators.

These price boosts will be singles only and not combinable with any other bet type.

The boosted winner odds:

Man City vs Southampton                           (boosted from) 1.53  -> 2.10
Leicester City vs Man Utd                                                 2.25 -> 3.00
Tottenham vs Chelsea                                                       3.00 -> 3.90
Norwich vs Arsenal                                                           1.55 -> 2.10
Liverpool vs Swansea                                                       1.45 -> 2.00
Barcelona vs Real Sociedad                                              1.07 -> 1.35
Atletico Madrid vs Espanyol                                              1.25 -> 1.60
Eibar vs Real Madrid                                                        1.40 -> 1.80
Bayern Munich vs Hertha Berlin                                        1.08 -> 1.35
Palermo vs Juventus                                                         1.60 -> 2.15
Mechelen vs Club Brugge                                                  1.95 -> 2.35
Zwolle vs Ajax                                                                  1.90 -> 2.50

Going Live:

The promotion will be onsite from 00:00 CET to 23:59 CET on November 27th.

It will be under Unibet Promotions – Black Friday in the Odds Tree (excluding Australia where it will be under Unibet Price Boosts).

Sportsbook will add the promotion to all individual shortcut trees and to the top of the main odds tree.

The URL for the promotion will be: https://www.unibet.com/betting#/group/2000091348/category/0

The max stake for a customer on a 100% RE limit can place (approximately) £10 on each boost.  The reason for the approximate stake is due to currency exchanges.

(Therefore a regular Swedish customer on 199% will be able to place £19.90 per price boost, a regular Polish customer on 49% will be able to stake £4.90 per price boost, etc.)

All customers will be eligible but please note that individual customer risk exposures apply.