Unibet announced in August that they are set to release a new version of their standalone poker client and recently held a private demo for members of the poker media at the Unibet Open Copenhagen event. New details to emerge from that demo:

• The new client will follow the same path as the current client, focusing on clean, simple UI and a more fun graphical experience. Third party software such as HUDs and seating scripts will still be incompatible with Unibet Poker software.
• The new client will move away from the Adobe Air platform and is instead being built on a piece of proprietary software built purposefully by Relax Gaming. This should lead to improved client stability and ensure the new platform is more futureproof.
• Rebuy tournaments and a Hand Replayer will now be included on the Unibet Poker platform, along with a Bonus Shop feature where players can choose more of their own rewards from the Challenges loyalty system.
• Unibet are developing their own table tiling feature which will allow players to tile Poker alongside Casino, with the long-term aim of also allowing players to auto-tile Sportsbook and eventually other browser windows (think two tables of poker tiled alongside a blackjack table and a Twitch stream).
• The aspect ratio of the new client will change to 16:9, which should work better on most screens. The minimum size of tables will be reduced which should improve the experience on small screens and multi-tabling in general. The poker lobby will also be re-sizeable.
• An iPhone client will be launched later this year, which will include all features available on the desktop version.

The general thinking behind this new product launch is that it gives Unibet a more solid platform to further build upon and really take advantage of the success of the last two and a half years. The over-riding philosophy remains the same; By Players, For Players, with a group of ex-poker pros trying to put the fun back into online poker. All feedback from Unibet players over the last two and half years has been collated and has had a heavy influence on the new client.

Unibet are about to go into closed Beta testing, with the full launch scheduled soon! Details of the launch promotion will also be released in the coming weeks, but something spectacular has been promised!