Unibet recently soft-launched a third tier of their ‘Double Trouble’ tournaments which pays back up to €10,000 per week to players in their higher stakes games – the initial success of the new ‘VIP Double Trouble’ format has led them to announce that the promo will become a permanent addition.

Unibet launched ‘Double Trouble in 2014 – an exclusive weekly tournament open to all players who have lost €20 or more in cash games in the previous seven days. The top 100 finishers receive €40 in cash. ‘Super Double Trouble’ was launched the following year.

VIP Double Trouble is even juicier and slightly more mysterious. The tournament occurs every Thursday evening and up to 24 players are automatically invited each week, based on a formula which takes into account hands played and loss rate. The tournament covers players from cash games and SNGs and features a closed lobby, the details of which are only visible to those who have been invited. As the tournament is open to a select group each week, Unibet wants to ensure that those players aren’t then preyed upon at the regular tables.

The new addition means that Unibet are currently spending €18,000 per week in promotions aimed at players who have had a losing week, something which is central to their philosophy of focusing on the sites ecosystem. David Pomroy, Head of Poker, said:

‘This promotion seemed like an obvious next step for the ‘Double Trouble’ tournaments and doesn’t come at the expense of any other promotion – it’s simply an extra €10,000 we are injecting into our players’ pockets each week, particularly at the higher stakes. I’m sure that some players feel they are always hearing the words ‘ecology’ and ‘ecosystem’ but for us it really is important and forms the backbone of everything we do. This certainly won’t be the last promotion we launch with that in mind.’


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