We are running a fantastic new promotion for UK Unibet Casino Affiliates!

The Prize:
Every day for the whole month of December, ‘Unibet Casino’ will be will be giving you the chance to win an EXTRA €100 in commission! That’s right – EVERY SINGLE DAY there is €100 to be won – so what are you waiting for?

How to Win:
The way to win is simple! The Affiliate who generates the single highest number of New Depositing Players (NDPs) on each individual day of the month, will receive an ADDITIONAL €100 included in their end of month commission. Each day the clock resets and there is a new chance to WIN.

To participate in our spectacular festive giveaway, all you need to do is opt-in by sending an email from your registered email address to liam.brown@unibet.com with the subject line: “WIN 100” plus your affiliate ID. Once Opted in you will receive a unique tracking link that must be used for this promotion. If you need any other assets, please include this in the body of your email and these will be issued to you.

With 31 chances to WIN, opt-in for your festive bonus today!

**PLUS: opt-in before the 1st Dec 2016 and for every day you generate more than 5 New Depositing Players you will earn 1 ticket into our festive prize raffle to WIN even more festive cash!!**
1st prize: €200.00!!
2nd prize: €100.00!!
3rd prize: €50.00!!

Terms and Conditions

1. Promotion starts 1st December 2016 at 00:01 and ends on 31st December at 23:59 GMT
2. Participants must opt in via email to liam.brown@unibet.com no later than 3rd December 2016
3. Winners will be notified daily via email if they have won the previous day’s competition
4. Commission prizes will be added as a fixed fee and paid with December’s commission amount in January 2017
5. This promotion does not affect, change or alter any current reward plan held by the participants
6. Only one daily prize of €100.00 is awarded to the affiliate who generates the highest number of New Depositing Players in any given day
7. All Affiliates driving Unibet Casino traffic have the chance to win every single day despite wins or loses, however the same Affiliate cannot win more than 3 consecutive days in a row. If a single affiliate wins 3 days in a row there must be a 1-day break before the Affiliate is eligible for the daily prize
8. This promotion is Unibet Casino specific and only qualifying casino traffic will be counted.
9. Wins over the weekend/public holidays will be counted on the next working day and winners will be notified of their win on this same next working day
10. Only New Depositing Players with a minimum deposit of £10.00 will be counted towards your overall daily score.
11. In the event of a tie, the daily winner will be drawn at random and awarded the cash prize.
12. Only NDP’s generated via the unique tracking link issued to all opted in affiliates will be counted in the competition. It is the responsibility of the participating affiliate to ensure this tracking link in being used for referral.
13. Maximum of 1 raffle ticket per qualifying affiliate per day, once a minimum of 5 NDP’s have been referred i.e. 14 NDPs equals 1 raffle ticket
14. Raffle prize draw will be drawn no later than 6th January 2017 and the winners will be notified via email
15. Incentivised traffic is not accepted as part of this promotion and Unibet reserves the right to discredit NDPs which it believes to have been referred via such methods.
16. In line with standard procedures, Unibet will perform fraud checks on player accounts. Any fraudulent player accounts will be terminated and any related commission forfeited.
17. Unibet Affiliates reserves the right to exclude affiliates from this promotion
18. Unibet Affiliates reserves the right to change, amend or cancel the promotions at any time without any prior warning or notice