The World Cup feels like a distant memory, as does our last affiliate promotion, so we have come up with an exciting one for ALL affiliates to participate in: we give you “Affiliate Missions“. Over the next 3 months, we are going to be giving you all the chance to win monthly prizes by beating your targets and completing missions, as you try to claim a top spot on our ever-changing leaderboard!

Your MISSION, should you choose to accept it, is to beat your target! If you do, you can win amazing monthly prizes and be in with a chance to win our Grand prize!
How does it work?
We will average out your monthly NDP total from January – May 2018 to give you a target to beat.  Every time you hit 10% of your target, you get 5 points, and when you surpass your target during the month, every 10% extra gets you DOUBLE points!
That’s not the only way to win points either! Throughout each month, we will be sending out mini-missions for you to complete, where you can win extra points to go towards your total.
Remember, it doesnt matter how many New Depositing Players you have sent us in the past, our promotion is all about percentage increases, so we want to reward the affiliates who work the hardest and beat their target by the highest percentage. Everyone has an equal chance, and the prizes are going to be fun too!
When does it start?
This promotion runs from 1st October 2018 until 20th December 2018. Each month will have its own leaderboard so don’t worry if you don’t win prizes during the first month as you will have another two chances!
What can you win?
Each month, the Top 5 affiliates on our leader board will win a combination of cash-based prizes and special event packages.
Although we reset the leaderboard each month for affiliates to win our monthly prizes, we will be keeping track of the overall leader throughout the promotion, and that lucky person will win the Grand prize… an amazing €5,000 Trip of your making in 2019!
So what do you have to do?
Well for now, all we need is for you to Opt-In, via the link below. This will let us know that you are interested in taking part in our promotion.

To read about the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, please click HERE

Shortly before the beginning of the promotion, we will email you letting you know your Average NDP figure which you are of course trying to beat!