The Euro’s are just around the corner, and with loads of promotions and offers coming your way from Unibet, we also wanted to create a fun game for our Affiliate partners around the tournament.

We know many of you already play Fantasy Football in some capacity, so we thought we would create a league in the official UEFA European Championships Fantasy Game. We want you to create a team and compete!

We will be giving out cash prizes to the top 3 players, with a prize pool of €800, and it’s free to play!

Because we want to have an element of acquisition, we will be taking your final points total in the game and multiplying it by your “Kindred NDP” score. This is going to be the amount you beat your average monthly NDP target by, during the month-long Euro’s.

Why not join? Have some fun picking your best players, deliver some players to our program and you could be walking away with hundreds of euros!

You can sign up to the game and create a team here:

Once you have created your team, you can join our Kindred Affiliates league using the code: 31UONMIJ05

If possible we would ask that you use either your affiliate id or username as your display name in the game so we can easily track your results and make it easier to reward you!