World Casino Championships Affiliate-Special

The World Casino Championships are a great way for players to win big but we also want to reward our affiliates, so we have come up with a mini-promotion to give you some extra incentive… all you have to do is opt-in using the form below to let us know you are interested, and if one of the qualifying casino players is affiliated to your account, we will give YOU 500 EUR CASH!

So what are you waiting for? Opt-In via the form below.

Terms & Conditions

• In order to participate, affiliates are required to opt-in via the form above .

• By opting-in to the promotion, affiliates commit to giving Kindred Group brands a demonstrable increase in exposure throughout the entire promotional period.

• Maximum 1 player per affiliate company is eligible for the 500 EUR payout. Any additional affiliated-customers who qualify will not equal more monetary value.

• Once the qualifying tournaments have closed, we will notify any winning affiliates if their affiliated-customers have qualified.

• Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions apply for all countries. Kindred Affiliates Terms & Conditions Australia apply for Australia only.

• The maximum total payout for this promotion is €5,000. After the first 10 affiliated-customers have been calculated, this promotion will close.

• Terms & Conditions may be provided in different languages, however only those written in English are binding.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to exclude affiliates from this promotion.

• Kindred Group reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.